the menu from
platja ca la nuri

to start

Coca bread with vine tomato…. 2,85€

 Iberian ham with coca bread…. 19,10€

Seasonal vegetables salad…. 9,40€

Dressed Km0 tomatoes with tuna belly and chives…. 12,50€

Red tuna tartare with toasts…. 18,80€

Diced salmon with mustard and miso marinade…. 14,60€

Fried calamari Andalusian style…. 13,50€

Fried seasonal fish Andalusian style with lime zest…. 10,50€

Grilled mussels from Delta de l’Ebre with garlic and parsley…. 10,20€

“Bravas” (fried potatoes in spicy sauce)…. 7,60€

Homemade cod fritters with quince “alioli”…. 8,90€

Meat croquettes (4 units)…. 7,90€

Grilled clams with dill oil and citrus…. 14,50€

Grilled cuttlefish with garlic and parsley…. 12,10€

fish and

Grilled monkfish with vegetable garnish…. 22,60€

Baked fish of the day with potatoes…. 18,90€

Grilled sea bass with roasted vegetables…. 23,50€

Beef fillet steak in its own juice with baked potatoes…. 21,90€

Iberian pork shoulder with aubergine and onion from Figueres…. 16,50€

Ca la nuri’s

(Price per person)
“We cook them on demand with local ricefrom Delta de l’Ebre and Pals”

Paella Ca la Nuri…. 20,20€

Scarlet shrimp baked rice with cockles…. 25,40€

Black rice with red prawn…. 22,90€

Iberian pork skirt steak rice with squid…. 21,20€

Noodle paella with shrimp, crayfish, mussels and clams…. 19,50€

Seasonal vegetable paella…. 18,20€


Together we join forces for the collectives affected by the COVID-19.
Write a message of support and we will send it with the solidarity rice to residences for the elderly, community kitchens and hospitals.

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