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platja ca la nuri

to start

Crystal bread with vine tomato and oil from Les Garrigues…. 2,85

 Iberian ham with crystal bread…. 19,10

Pumpkin and km0 lettuce salad with tomatoes, olives and osmotic fennel…. 9,40

Warm artichoke salad with mollet egg and Iberian ham…. 13,50

Red tuna tartare with toasts…. 18,80

Homemade marinated salmon cubes with mustard and miso…. 14,60

Fried calamari Andalusian style…. 13,50

Fresh anchovies fried in butterfly…. 10,80

“Bravas” (fried potatoes in spicy sauce)…. 7,60

Prawn and cod fritters with black garlic mayonnaise…. 8,90

Meat croquettes (4 units)…. 7,90

Grilled mussels from Delta de l’Ebre with garlic and parsley…. 10,40

Clams fisherman style with anise and ginger…. 14,50

Grilled cuttlefish with garlic and parsley…. 12,30

fish and

Monkfish and prawn suquet (fish casserole)…. 27,50

Baked market fish with potatoes…. 18,90

Grilled sea bass with seasonal vegetables…. 23,50

Beef fillet steak in its juice with baked potatoes…. 21,90

Stewed meatballs with cuttlefish ribbons…. 15,80

Ca la nuri’s

(Price per person)
“We have been cooking our paellas for 60 years with the best varieties in the area”

Paella Ca la Nuri…. 20,20

Baked rice with Dublin bay prawn and cockles…. 23,90

Black rice with red prawn…. 22,90

Soupy rice with monkfish and clams…. 25,40

Party “asado” rice with pine nuts and dried apricots…. 21,20

Noodle paella with shrimp, crayfish, mussels and clams…. 19,50

Eco vegetable paella with creamy roasted pumpkin and enoki mushrooms…. 18,20


Together we join forces for the collectives affected by the COVID-19.
Write a message of support and we will send it with the solidarity rice to residences for the elderly, community kitchens and hospitals.

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